Enquiries and contact

We shall be delighted to provide you with detailed information in response to specific enquiries. We can also draw up an offer for you, or take receipt of a request for proposal (RFP). We use risk capability and strategy analyses to help our clients structure their entire asset portfolio.

Please contact Dr. Thomas Hauser, Managing Partner (hauser @ hotz-partner.ch), or Guido Hoyer, Partner (hoyer @ hotz-partner.ch), by telephone on +41 767 46 00.

Each client portfolio is overseen by two client relationship managers, in the interests of continuity and professionalism. In addition, this also means the client can always speak directly to one of the decision-makers. We are regulated by the Occupational Pension Supervisory Commission (OPSC).

Portfolio categories

We maintain the following segregated portfolio types:

  • Mixed portfolios: mix of equities and bonds, inclusion of real estate is possible, (semi-) active management
  • Equity portfolios: Swiss equities, global equities and global equities excl. Switzerland, (semi-) active management
  • Bond portfolios: mix of corporate and government bonds, at least investment grade quality, various reference currencies, (semi-) active management

Portfolio management

We maintain the portfolios (semi-) actively. The size starts from a value of about 1 million Swiss Francs. The well-diversified portfolios avoid cluster risks by ensuring that the positions are weighted broadly equally. We only deploy investments from the benchmark universe that meet our high quality standards. This means we actively configure the portfolio structure; we do not engage in short-term tactical adjustments, or in trading by means of stock picking. We manage the portfolio with a long-term perspective anti-cyclically in accordance with the principle of broadband rebalancing.

Stock selection

The objective is to achieve a very soundly diversified, yet clearly structured portfolio with defensive risk characteristics. In terms of the stock selection, the focus is on globally active companies that are amongst the market leaders in their respective sectors. In accordance with the investment process, these need to meet our high standards in terms of balance sheet quality and long-term earnings strength. In addition, liquid Swiss small-caps account for around one tenth of the standard portfolios. In the case of bonds, which are often drawn from issues, we aim to achieve a consistent diversification across sectors as well as debtor categories, and do not make any compromises when it comes to quality. Together with the rating, we base our decisions on an in-house debtor audit and monitoring.

Custodian banks

The assets we manage are held at a custodian bank and are maintained in the name of the client (segregated portfolios). In this conjunction, management activities are exercised by means of a limited administration power of attorney. This means we are able to manage the client assets, but cannot transfer any assets. We have negotiated extremely competitive fees for our clients at the major custodian banks. We represent the interests of the client vis-à-vis the custodian bank, and monitor this carefully.

Track record and references

We have an impressive long-term investment track record. An anti-cyclical investment strategy and cost-effective implementation in the form of direct investments are key if an investment result is to achieve long-term success. Within the context of an offer, we shall be delighted to provide you with more detailed information about the track record of the particular portfolio category, and will be able to name long-standing clients as references.