Performance and Return on Investment

Return on investment

Our return on investment is sustainable and can be tracked using data from effective client portfolios – we do not engage in "back testing" or synthetic replication.

Anti-cyclical investing and cost-sensitive implementation are key to long-term successful investment performance. Of course, we must be able to demonstrate our investment success. Below you can see our average performance (after bank costs, before HotzVV costs) over 25 years:

Performance record of a mandate with 50% stocks and 50% bonds

Leistungsausweis mit 50% Aktien und 50% Anleihen

The chart shows the performance of Dr. Pirmin Hotz Vermögensverwaltungen AG after deduction of all bank costs in comparison with a representative fund portfolio* of selected banks.

These figures are no guarantee for the future; however, they show that our work has created an excellent basis for the future. We would be pleased to provide you with references from long-standing clients in a personal meeting. These are the best proof that our valued clients are satisfied with the results we have achieved.

  • *

    The composite shows the average performance of five balanced strategy funds from Credit Suisse (ISIN**: LU00748040838), UBS (ISIN: CH0002792122 and LU0049785289), Swisscanto (ISIN: LU0161534606)*** and Julius Baer (ISIN: LU0047988216).

  • **
    International Securities Identification Number
  • ***

    The performance of the fund is included in the composite from 1997.

Tamara Kim
«We think and act for the long-term. We do not believe in short-term trading activities, which primarily generate costs at the expense of the client.»
Tamara Kim, Portfolio Manager
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