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Performance and Return on Investment

Return on investment

Our return on investment is sustainable and can be tracked using data from effective client portfolios – we do not engage in "back testing" or synthetic replication.

Anti-cyclical investing and cost-sensitive implementation are key to long-term successful investment performance. Of course, we must be able to demonstrate our investment success. Below you can see our average performance (after bank costs, before HotzVV costs) over 25 years:

Track record of a mandate with 50% in equities


+ 6.5% p.a.

+ 2.9% p.a.

The track record of Dr. Pirmin Hotz Vermögensverwaltungen AG is after banking costs and before management fee. The composite shows the performance before deduction of potential custody and management fee.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. However, they show that we have been able to build a solid foundation for the future. Since they are the best indication for customer satisfaction, we will be pleased to provide you with personal references of existing clients should you wish so.

  • *

    The composite shows an average performance of five strategy funds (balanced, approx. 50% in equities) of Credit Suisse (ISIN**: LU00748040838), UBS (ISIN: LU0049785289), Luzerner Kantonalbank (ISIN: CH0002773411), Swisscanto (ISIN: LU0161534606)*** and Julius Bär (ISIN: IE000X6R9HM7)****

  • **
    International Securities Identification Number
  • ***

    Performance is taken into account from 1997

  • ****

    Fund merger on 04.05.23, former performance from predecessor fund (ISIN: LU0047988216)

Corinne Wicki
«Our anti-cyclical, transparent, cost-effective and scientifically based investment policy leads to above-average investment performance in the long-term.»
Corinne Wicki, Portfolio Manager