Asset Management for Institutional Investors

If institutional investors want to delegate the management of their assets or a sub-fund of their assets, this requires a high level of trust. As independent asset manager, we earn this trust on the one hand through our reliable and comprehensible working methods - without any conflicts of interest - and on the other hand through our professionalism. We advice you according to the principle: Reduce complexity as far as possible! As one of the few truly independent asset managers, we are always in the same boat with you and are looking forward to a long-term partnership.

What does Hotz offer us for our asset management?

Our extremely transparent portfolios with direct investments and quality focus ensure that:

  • No hidden costs can arise,
  • Sustainability can be implemented in a targeted manner,
  • You as a decision maker always understand the investments taken and
  • You can calmly bear the responsibility for delegating asset management in all market phases.

We understand asset management comprehensively and offer you an extensive range of all-inclusive services if required.

Our mandates are equally popular with charitable foundations, pension funds, family offices, companies, charity and church organizations or the KESB (Child and Adult Protection Authority).

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