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Talents - Jobs at Hotz Asset Management

We promote entrepreneurship and practice direct channels of communication. In addition to the most loyal customers, this also brings us the best talents.

You are unique and a reinforcement of our team?

  • Independent thinker and you have a performing personality with charisma?
  • A top performer who thinks entrepreneurially and is prepared to achieve above-average results?
  • Equipped with a convincing academic track record?
  • An open and likeable personality with initiative and strength of character?

We would like to invite you to send us a personal application. Because opportunities are most promising when you take advantage of them!

We look forward to challenging the status quo with you.

Opportunities for talents

Tamara Kim
«We think and act for the long-term. We do not believe in short-term trading activities, which primarily generate costs at the expense of the client.»
Tamara Kim, Portfolio Manager