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Investor Profiles

Every client is unique – and so are you – so we define your investment strategy individually. The desired strategic equity component is customer-specific and can range from 0% to 100%. In contrast to the determination of the individually defined equity and bond portion, the implementation is carried out according to a rigorous investment process. We manage mandates with a target volume of around CHF 1 million or more.
How is my investor profile defined?
Your individual needs and goals play a central role in determining your personal investor profile. Relevant factors are your risk capacity and risk tolerance. While the former is based on the purely objective ability to bear a certain amount of risk based on your asset and life situation, the latter addresses your subjective willingness to take on risk. This is a matter of your very personal perception of how you deal with market risks.
How regularly should my investor profile be redefined?
Your investor profile and investment strategy should be defined on a long-term basis and independently of market forecasts. We will then implement the jointly defined strategy consistently and smoothly. We do not follow the latest trends in investment policy – we always remain disciplined and true to our investment principles. Of course, we are always available to re-evaluate your specific investor profile if anything relevant has changed in your private situation.
Do I need a portfolio analysis?
A portfolio analysis of an existing portfolio is always an ideal opportunity to question the status quo: Does the investor profile fit? Does the effective risk level in the portfolio really match the investor profile? Are there hidden costs?
Melanie Werder
«We are constant, always transparent and fair. Our long-standing clients confirm this!»
Melanie Werder, Portfolio Manager