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Our Fee - No Hidden Costs

Fee: Costs for asset management

Only those who live exclusively from their client's fee and therefore have no conflicts of interest are truly independent. We guarantee that there are no conflicts of interest resulting from indirect income (no reimbursements on brokerage or custody fees, no brokerage commissions for new money or sales compensation for products of any kind, no issue premium for fund units, no other monetary benefits). Thanks to our use of direct investments and the fact that we do not use investment products and funds, there are no hidden costs in our asset management.
What are the costs of an asset management mandate with Hotz?

Our standard fee model consists of two components: A basic fee, which amounts to 0.7% p.a. for a mandate of CHF 1 million or more and is strongly degressive as the mandate volume increases, as well as a success fee.

However, the performance fee only comes into effect if the portfolio reaches a new high at the end of a year. The so called "high water mark" principle guarantees that we are in the same boat as you and that you only pay once for an upturn in the portfolio. More specifically, if the performance is negative once, this loss must be made up in subsequent years before a performance fee can be charged.

This fee model has the advantage that your asset management costs are kept to a minimum in years with negative returns. A pure fixed fee model can also be offered on request. We invoice our fee once a year in a transparent manner.

How high are the costs by the depository bank?

We can show you in detail the bank costs (consisting primarily of brokerage fees and depository fees) once you have choosen your depository bank; however, these are significantly lower than 0.2% p.a. for a portfolio of around CHF 1 million that has been built up. The bank costs fall as the mandate volume increases.

What do I need to bear in mind when comparing costs?

We work entirely without product costs, issue premiums, excessive trading costs or retrocessions ("kickbacks" on products of all kinds) and other performance killers! So if you want to compare our costs with those of other providers, you should add the indirect costs charged in the products to the direct mandate costs. Experience shows that our total costs are significantly lower than those of a standard management mandate sold out there. We would be pleased to show you this in detail.

Serge Koch
«We have a systematic, anti-cyclical and value-oriented investment approach; we do not believe in short-term trading.»
Serge Koch, Member of the Executive Board | Senior Relationship Manager