«Only those who do not have in-house or third-party products and investment funds think uncompromisingly in the interests of the client and are truly independent – which is what we are!»

Dr. Pirmin Hotz, Founder

«In the portfolios we invest solely in the originals: direct investments in equities and bonds.»

Dr. Thomas Hauser, Managing Director

«We manage your money as if it were our own.»

Guido Hoyer, Partner

«Our passion lies in providing individual advice and support over years and generations.»

Adrian Bachmann, Partner

«We always act cost-consciously without compromising on quality.»

Lukas Bättig, Relationship Manager

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"Having cash in your pocket and the intention of entering the stock market at low prices is the same pleasure as starving on the way to the restaurant."

André Kostolany, Hungarian stock market legend, former Chancellor (1906 - 1999)

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