Strategic asset allocation

  • Clarifying the risk appetite and the risk capability
  • Determining the equity ratio
  • Determining the reference currency
  • Client-specific asset analysis
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Internal client information system

Investment universe

  • Equities:
  • Determining the deployable equities and their order of precedence within the respective sector
  • Bonds:
  • Determining the deployable debtors
  • Systematic assessment of key performance indicators for equities
  • Systematic checks of ratings, balance sheet quality and price changes in the case of bonds
  • Regular investment committee meetings
  • Company visits

Tactical asset allocation

  • Equity ratio relative to the strategy
  • Maturity management in the case of bonds
  • Currency management
  • Regular investment committee meetings
  • Processing miscellaneous economic data
  • Equity and bond monitoring instrument


  • Deployment/inclusion of stocks
  • Rebalancing
  • Analytical build-up, adhering to the diversification
  • Decisions taken by the investment committee recorded in minutes
  • Equity and bond monitoring instrument
  • Individual implementation by the portfolio manager following confirmation by the client relationship manager


  • Compliance in accordance with strategic criteria
  • Compliance with client restrictions
  • Compliance with investment universe
  • Regular checks of the depository bank
  • Regular checks by the client relationship manager and portfolio manager
  • Internal controlling (cross-referencing checks)
  • Internal client information system


  • Reports periodically and upon request
  • Additional client-specific evaluations
  • Consolidation
  • Professional portfolio management system
  • Independent external data suppliers
  • Further software solutions