Thorough elimination of conflicts of interest

In Switzerland, we are amongst a unique group of asset managers who rigorously exclude conflicts of interest by accepting neither indirect fees from in-house funds, nor sales compensation for third-party products nor any other kickbacks, portfolio commissions, finder’s fees or other pecuniary benefits. We act solely in the interest of clients by invoicing directly. Our general revenues are the fees paid by our clients – in conjunction with our investment policy and this makes us unique.

Focus on first-class direct investments

We focus on original, i.e. transparent, liquid and cost-effective direct investments in equities and bonds. This is because in the long term money is earned not through the products of financial advisors, but instead by productive companies – i.e. equities. Bonds are important in order to achieve optimum risk diversification in mixed portfolios. We scrupulously avoid all high-margin financial products such as investment funds, structured products and other certificates in the interest of transparent and cost-effective portfolios.

What do equities and bonds generate in the long-term?

Anti-cyclical and long-term investment policy

We do not follow prevailing investment fads, and implement the portfolios with great discipline and calm determination. Profits may be taken during favourable market phases. During bear markets, positions are built up cost-effectively. We do not engage in short-term trading; this merely generates unnecessary costs.

Our maxim is diversification

The ability of financial professionals to predict market developments is much less than is generally assumed; for this reason, we focus on a sound portfolio construction. Cluster risks are rigorously avoided amongst stocks. We also diversify along the timeline, by building up portfolios in stages. This is because not even professionals manage to identify the optimum timing of investments or divestments, or do so only with luck.

No quality compromises

A higher risk readiness should be expressed in the form of a higher equity ratio, and not in the lower quality of the investments. Security is paramount. For this reason we have a rigorous quality focus when selecting bonds and equities.