Investor profiles

Each client is unique. For this reason, investment strategies are individually defined. The targeted strategic equity ratio is client-specific, and may be between 0% and 100%.

Portfolio management

We invest only in assets that you understand. In the case of equities, we maintain a well-diversified portfolio of global sector leaders, supplemented by a small proportion of listed Swiss small-caps. In the case of bonds, we aim to realise a diversified portfolio of high-quality stocks that takes debtor categories into account. We offer mandates starting from a value of about 1 million Swiss Francs.

Custodian banks

The assets we manage are held at a custodian bank and are maintained in the name of the client. In this conjunction, management activities are exercised by means of a limited administration power of attorney. This means we are able to manage the client assets, but cannot transfer any assets. We have negotiated extremely competitive fees for our clients at the major custodian banks. We represent the interests of the client vis-à-vis the custodian bank, and monitor this carefully.

Our fee

Our standard fee consists of two components: a basic fee and a performance-related fee. The performance-related fee is incurred only if the portfolio value reaches a new high. This approach means we find ourselves in the same boat as our clients. Experience has shown that the total incurred costs are significantly lower than in the case of standard industry management mandates. We do not collect kickbacks, finder’s fees, sales compensation or any other pecuniary benefits.


As part of our professional approach, each mandate is supported by two client relationship managers. The advantage for the client is that the relevant decision-makers can always be directly contacted. Our clients also benefit from high continuity in terms of personal support.


Our investments have an impressive long-term track record. Anti-cyclical investment and cost-sensitive implementation are key components of successful long-term investment results.

Track record